1. Here’s a new ad hijacking project by Ji Lee called "Clownify Stickers." We love the fun and clever way she’s taking over the ads and bringing a little joy to the world.

  2. Graffiti artist and illustrator Evegny Muluk (facebook, instagram)

  3. Luis Seven Martins, going by the L7m nickname, merges nature with urban art in his beautiful series of graffiti birds. Born in 1988, this young Brazilian artist had his first contact with a spray can when he was 13, and since then has been experimenting and trying out new combinations with materials like china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic. According to his profile, L7m is “identified by the simplicity of colors and free geometry, related to several issues, causing contradictions and uncomfortable feelings in the observers.” Luis also does some independent work for different advertising agencies, cultural centers, schools and such. Each of his works is a beautiful combination of something elegant and rough at the same time!

  4. French photographer Clément Briend’s work blurs the divide between reality and imagination, attempting to uncover the unseen realities hidden in plane sight in our surroundings. His ghostly projections—often large-scale faces or masks that emerge from trees—-have been spotted on the streets of Berlin, Paris, and Cambodia.  

  5. turecepcja:

(via Travel Bits) Monster eating house in Valencia.


    (via Travel Bits) Monster eating house in Valencia.

  6. Two artists (MOMO and Eltono) install bits of found wood with a hand saw and rubber mallet, into 52 cellar door and window spaces particular to Besançon, France. Using only tension to hold these in place, they demonstrate a variety of arrangement possibilities across a range of spaces in the city. The results may go unnoticed (as artwork) until enough are recognized and associated as such.

  7. During the mural madness that is Wynwood Walls, MOMO painted this easy-on-the-eyes abstract piece. Simple, non-intrusive, and blends into the environment.

    Said MOMO of the work,”Thanks to Sean Mahan of L7 for assisting, the Walls team for all their support, the Goldman family and extended family for making this possible. I had a very nice time.  Meeting enormous artists that have been inspirational for a long while, in a swimming pool/South Beach atmosphere, was cool too.”

  8. Stuck in the countryside of a cold Russian wilderness, a symbol of isolated/invisible power and stature,Timofey Radya is the creator of Figure #1: Stability. As Radya notes in his own description of the piece, “After the formation officers may leave the area.” From what we gather, and from Radya’s video, the piece is a construction of lonely power, a sort of comedic tragedy of how power is constructed when nobody is paying attention. Love the red carpet treatment. (via)

  9. Encinitas based muralist Bleu Avina has taken Southern California by storm. Armed with spray cans, paint brushes, and a desire to share his vision with others, Bleu has continued to create beautifully crafted murals that tell a story about our societies ever relying dependance on technology. -James Pawlish/The Citrus Report

    Read interview HERE

  10. The Los-Angeles based El Mac recently took another trip to the American Southwest (also see New Mexico) where he worked on a new project in Utah. This mural, created in his signature style, was completed on the Adobe campus just south of Salt Lake City and was organized by the RAPT Studio out of SF. If you look closely, you can see the faint tracings of binary code in the background. 

    Portraits of the artist by Weston Colton, all other photos via the artist.

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