1. Real Imaginado

    This project was developed in a ruin of an industrial complex. Like every building in a state of a ruin, this one lost the functions for which it was designed; as time passed many parts were destroyed and others were stolen, creating a unique place with unusual forms and spaces.

    Hugo Moura

  2. Rather than trying to fit the furniture into the apartment, the architects decided to fit the apartment into the furniture! The Cabin by h2o architects

  3. Elagone, the new creation of Elomax-Agency, is a lamp made of solid oak. In its center, a LED lighting diffuses a warm light which reflects from the inner on the wood. It can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, and is available in two sizes.

house a | shower~ vaillo + irigaray | beguiristain

    house a | shower~ vaillo + irigaray | beguiristain

  5. A wall of wooden scales folds through the glazed facade of this house and studio that Korean architects AND designed for an artist in South Korea.

  6. Design director Liz Muller assembled a team of local artists and craftsmen to create features that include repurposed oak furniture, antique Delft tiles and wall coverings fashioned from the recycled inner tubes of old bicycle tyres. (read an interview here about the redesign in Seattle)

    Considering its well-earned progressive reputation, Amsterdam might be the perfect spot for trying out new things. Starbucks ‘The Bank’ will function as a testing centre for innovative coffee brewing methods in its ‘Slow’ Coffee Theatre and offer small batch reserve coffees available no where else on the continent. It will also premiere Starbucks first ever Clover® brewing system in Europe. The Clover® is one of the most significant innovations in coffee brewing since the introduction of the espresso machine.

  7. An interesting progression of shoes by Cat Potter

    Says the artist, "Using wood in conjunction with milling machines has allowed me to explore shape without being restricted by traditional shoe components like insole boards, shanks or toe and heel puffs. Using a scanned 3D model of a last has allowed me to trace the silhouette form of the foot on the inside, diffusing its profile on the outside."

  8. Architects Kengo Kuma and Associates have installed a Starbucks coffee shop on the approach to a Shinto shrine in Dazaifu, Japan.

    Over 2000 wooden batons line the interior of the shop, creating a diagonally woven lattice that spikes out beyond the recessed glass facade.

  9. Shawn Smith has a number of new pixelated animal sculptures on display at Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

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